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Defending Liberty. Preserving Freedom.
Protecting Children. Restarting the Economy.

"It's an honor to prepare our State for the exciting future ahead." — Rep. Keven Stratton

As a conservative, Representative Keven Stratton fearlessly defends us in the House promoting, questioning, and insisting on the important processes that result in better legislation.

That dedication helps balance the budget, helps our economy and protects the quality of life we all enjoy. It’s even helped prepare us for COVID-19.

You are invited. Please join us for an informative event.

Defending Liberty

  • Leads the effort on restoring and protecting our public lands.
  • Chairs Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environmental Quality Committee.
  • Landmark business legislation.
  • Shepherding legislation that supports criminal justice reform and unclogging courts.

Preserving Freedom

  • Chair of the House Legislative Water Commission guiding state water policy.
  • Water is critical to our future. Insisting on sound process and policies that include public input and transparency.
  • Guiding policy development for the coming unprecedented growth in Utah County.
  • Working with leading world experts to address the algal blooms in Utah Lake.

Protecting Children

  • Created model legislation that both safeguards and empowers students to safely use technology.
  • The effort is collaborative with school community councils made of experts and parents to determine and promote good practices that keep them safe.
  • Sponsor and pass legislation to enhance the protection of unborn child.

Restarting the Economy

  • Rainy Day Fund: We prepared by putting a tremendous amount into our Rainy Day funds. $261.7 Million in the General Fund. $555.4 Million in the Education Fund.
  • COVID-19: We set aside $24 million for needs caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  
  • Medicaid: We increased funding to the Medicaid Budget Stabilization Account adding $74.8 Million.
  • Higher Education: We added $70M to our Higher Education reserve
  • Future Tax Cut: We set aside $75M to be utilized for a future tax cut

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