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Utah’s growing.

It takes Vision, Hard Work, and Citizen Involvement to make it sustainable for generations to come.

There are many issues facing Utah that are important to focus on over the next few years. The choices we make in selecting the BEST policies will make all the difference. Good policies guide opportunity within sound principles of limited government, economic vitality, and innovation in education. Innovation and economic growth are the key to meeting so many of our challenges.

I firmly believe that when we work together effectively we can keep government limited, strengthen our homes, enhance economic vitality and maintain healthier balance between local, State, and Federal government. Learn more about projected growth.

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Keven’s voice has been loud and clear in his support of business growth and economic vitality. He knew how to bring those messages forward to expand opportunities while he served as Chairman of the Board of the Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce. Provo business was as important to him as Orem’s. His dedicated service knows no boundaries. He focuses on outcomes and possibility.

—Steve Densley, Former President, Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce

Meet Keven Stratton

Valuable diversity in experience brings unique skills to the Utah Legislature. Keven is an attorney who successfully operates several businesses, including the Cascade Golf Center. He is also a farmer and continues the Stratton orchard legacy. Keven served for years in community business organizations, foundations, and non-profits. He has raised significant funding for Kids on the Move and for the Alpine School Foundation where he worked to bring innovate solutions to educational issues. Keven is a servant-leader who is prepared to serve the people of Lindon, Orem and Provo as their Representative.


Opportunity is best guided through good policies. Utah is an incredible place to live. Let’s ensure it stays that way for our children, and for their children. Let’s grow that vision within the framework of solid and sound principles of limited government, economic vitality, and innovation in education.

Hard Work

Total dedication and effort create the best ways to be and stay involved. I will work to earn your trust as I represent you. I’ve been involved for years with multiple community and non-profit organizations. I will focus on principles that matter and use my experience as a small business owner, attorney, farmer, citizen, golf course owner, community volunteer, and dedicated family man to add perspective to discussions, help invite others to create solutions and work to only promote helpful, principled, and sustainable policies.

Community Involvement

Exceptional solutions and the BEST government happen when citizens, businesses, and government work effectively together. Join with me. Partner with me and let’s get to work on growing in a way that creates a bright and promising future. We can meet the challenges of the future if we keep the values we love. Let’s work together to shape the direction that keeps government limited, strengthens our families, enhances economic vitality, and maintains balance between local, State, and Federal government. I’m ready to represent you.